Bento, who ‘left Korea’, led the UAE and defeated Costa Rica 4-1… Overcame a gap of 26 places in the FIFA rankings

Coach Paulo Bento scored a victory in his debut game in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

UAE (72nd in FIFA ranking) defeated Costa Rica (46th in FIFA ranking) 4-1 in a friendly match held at Stadion Maksimir in Zagreb, Croatia on the morning of the 13th (Korean time).

스포츠토토UAE used a 4-2-3-1 formation. Kaiu, Yahya Al Ghasani, Ali Saleh, Fabiu de Lima, Yahya Nader, Ali Salmin, Abdullah Idris, Khalid Al Hashemi, Khalifa Al Hammadi, Khalid Ibrahim, and Khalid Eissa took part.

Costa Rica used a 4-4-2 formation. Yoel Campbell, Manfred Ugalde, Randall Lille, Alejandro Bran, Sebastian Murillo, Jimmy Marin, Ronald Matarita, Francisco Calvo, Julio Cascante, Jeffrey Valverde and Keylor Navas participated.

UAE’s first goal was scored 16 minutes into the first half. After receiving a pass from Zi Lima, Al Ghasani dribbled brilliantly inside the penalty box and then shot toward the near post. The ball hit goalkeeper Navas’ hand and was sucked into the goal.

An additional goal was soon followed. In the 23rd minute of the first half, Al Gasani made a long shot toward the other side from outside the penalty box, and Saleh, who came in, passed toward the goal. Kaiu lightly pushed it into the empty goal.

The gap widened to 3 goals in the first half. In the 38th minute of the first half, Lima made a bold shot from a far away position. The ball drew a large parabola as it hit the opposing player and went exquisitely into the top of the goal.

In the second half, UAE took the lead. In the 8th minute of the second half, Al Gasani entered the penalty box after exchanging Lee Dae-il passes with Nader. And he succeeded in scoring with a calm finishing shot toward the corner of the goal from the front of the goal.

Although the UAE conceded a goal in the 19th minute of the second half, they were able to overcome Costa Rica with a 4-1 3-point victory.

Coach Bento took charge of the UAE last July. And at the inauguration press conference, “The UAE national team has important competitions ahead. The most important are the 2026 World Cup qualifiers starting next November, and the Asian Cup to be held in Qatar in January next year. Our ambitions are in these competitions. “It is to achieve this,” he said.

“In addition to previous information about the UAE national team, we have a plan of action for the upcoming period. We will work to identify players more accurately and emphasize that selection criteria will be based on performance and attitude, regardless of age. “He added.

Lastly, he said, “Winning is the way to make UAE fans happy. We need to focus on the present and look to the future. And we need to respect past efforts without looking at the past.”

And he made UAE fans happy by winning his debut match.

Photo = UAE Football Association website Photo = UAE Football Association website

After retiring from active duty, Coach Bento entered his leadership career as a Sporting youth coach in 2004. He became the first-team manager in 2005 and finished second in the league that season, earning a ticket to the Champions League (UCL). Coach Bento, who was rewarded with a new contract, stayed in the team until 2009 and won the Tasa de Portugal (FA Cup) twice and the Supertaça (Super Cup) twice. Although they finished second in the league the previous season, it was an achievement worthy of recognition.

Next was the Portuguese national team. Coach Bento made a good start by advancing to the Euro 2012 finals and reaching the semifinals of Euro 2012. He then extended his contract until Euro 2016, four months after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. They failed to advance to the round of 16 due to major negative factors such as injury wards. And three months later, he was sacked after losing 0-1 against Albania in the first match of the Euro 2016 qualifiers.

My first experience of being dismissed from the Portuguese national team. It was only the beginning. Coach Bento was later dismissed due to poor performance in Cruzeiro (Brazil) after about two months, recording 4 wins, 3 draws, and 8 losses in 15 games. It continued. In Olympiacos (Greece), the front office and a specific player were dismissed after criticizing them through a press conference. At the time, the club’s dissatisfaction with selling key players upset the owners. Lastly, Coach Bento was appointed to Chongqing Liangjiang Jingji (China) in 2017. It was the same here too. The poor performance continued with 5 wins, 2 draws, and 8 losses in 15 games. So, after 7 months, I was packing my bags again.

Amid these four dismissals, he took over the leadership of the Korean national team in August 2018. At that time, public opinion was not good. A voice of dissatisfaction leaked out, asking, ‘Why did you bring in a director who has failed in so many places?’ In addition, the situation only worsened, including unreliable build-up soccer and elimination in the quarterfinals of the 2019 Asian Cup.

However, Ben Tujo moved forward steadily and achieved fruition at the World Cup, which was his biggest goal. By successfully advancing to the round of 16 for the first time in 12 years, people around the world were able to enjoy the festival even more. Above all, it provided a new paradigm by providing soccer that does not back down even against strong teams. In this way, Coach Bento’s four and a half year contract period ended with ‘expiration’. Coach Bento was able to enjoy the joy of leaving with applause for the first time in a long time since his Sporting days.

Coach Bento said, “I think the most important thing is to have faith in our soccer. Knowing what to do and how to do it and setting principles accordingly. In fact, this is not only true in soccer but also in life. We explain our goals to the players from the beginning. “I did it, and the players followed with faith,” he said, looking back on the past four years.

He continued, “Thanks to that, I think we were able to reach the round of 16. The current style has never existed before. It was possible because the players thought it was possible and followed along with faith and goals. Overall, I would like to congratulate the players. “I want to. I was able to overcome difficult moments with the professionalism and team spirit shown during the World Cup,” he said, expressing his gratitude.

Coach Paulo Bento scored a victory in his debut game in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE (72nd in FIFA ranking) defeated Costa Rica (46th in FIFA ranking) 4-1 in a friendly match held at Stadion Maksimir in Zagreb, Croatia on the morning of the 13th (Korean time). 스포츠토토UAE used a 4-2-3-1 formation. Kaiu, Yahya Al…

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