‘Gwangju FC captain’ Ahn Young-gyu, K-League 1 entry ticket “I will prove that I am not an easy team”

Not many people paid attention to Gwangju FC in the 2022 season. When Ahn Young-kyu returned to Gwangju, many people talked about his ‘age’.

However, after the season ended, Ahn Young-gyu lifted the K-League 2 Best 11 as well as the MVP trophy as a ‘championship captain’.

The nucleus of the defense that allowed the fewest goals (32 goals) and the captain who led the championship with the most wins (25 wins) and the most points (86 points) shouting “We are one”. Ahn Young-gyu, who broke the mold and shone in the highest position, will stand in front of Gwangju as captain in the 2023 season.

On the 17th, through the club, Ahn Young-gyu said, “This season in Gwangju is ‘breaking the seal’. I will meet and show the teams that I think of Gwangju as weak teams one by one,” he said. “Compared to last year, we must improve in all areas, grow and become stronger. I will come back after becoming stronger,” he said, revealing his determination to participate in winter training in Thailand.

The following is a Q&A with Ahn Young-gyu.

▲Director Lee Jeong-hyo predicted intense training, but the atmosphere at the camp is

– I am training in a hot country after a long time, and it seems to be a good condition for building a body. In the 1st week, while doing basic physical training, I did tough things, but now I am doing tactical things with the ball. The players were struggling only with their bodies, but now they are in a situation where their heads are also struggling, so the players are slightly mentally shaken (laughs).

▲The league schedule came out, but what do you think about the opening opponent (Suwon Samsung)

? I heard rumors that I would play my first game against a team in the metropolitan area, so I was thinking that I would like to start with Suwon Samsung first, but it came true. Since everything went the way I thought, I have the mindset that I have to do everything right for the game and start well. I want to prepare well and play the game quickly.

▲ The team I want to meet the most

– I want to play with Ulsan, who won the first division last year. While preparing for last year’s season, it was difficult to practice with Ulsan during winter training. Ulsan won the first part, and we won the second part. Our situation has changed, but I want to think that we have become a better team while playing games. I want to face Jeju Island soon. Since coach Nam Gi-il, who taught me in the past, is there, wouldn’t it be a fun match if I meet him? (Lee Jung-hyo) The director is also there, so I think it will be fun. It’s not an easy team, but I think the players will prepare better and have fun.

▲ During last year’s winter training, I said, “I have to go back to where I should be,” and I achieved my goal

. Even though he was away from Gwangju, he always had that thought. It was a bad situation after Gwangju was relegated, but I wanted to be of help when I came back, and I thought a lot that if I was promoted at the moment of being a help, I could remain in Gwangju as a good memory and the fans would remember it, so I think I prepared better.

▲ As soon as he came back, he even won MVP as a defender

. I and my teammates worked hard together and got good grades, so I was thinking about the best 11 a little bit, but I didn’t expect MVP. I thought it was a really hard award to receive as a defender. I am also friends with Hong Jung-ho, who won MVP as a defender in the first division, and I was really envious. That situation happened to me too. The other candidates showed such good performances, so I was dubious, but I was so grateful that I was able to ride. It was the first award I received while playing soccer, and I received a very big award for my first award. The moment my name was called, I wanted to calmly go up to the podium, but without realizing it, I kept smiling (laughs).

▲ I think it will be more meaningful because it was created by breaking the ‘frame’ of defender and age.

-You received a lot of congratulations from young players and players who are working hard, but many friends of your age and seniors who are still playing in the pros contacted you to congratulate you. He congratulated me as if it were his own work. When I left Seongnam after my contract ended, I heard a lot about my age. There are many players who are doing well at this age, but I thought I could do more. Thankfully, the director called me, and since it was in Gwangju, I was able to do it with pleasure. I was able to show a good image without injury for one season, and the coach also improved me further. Everything worked out so I was able to do well.

▲The performance was good, but I think it was the MVP I received because I led the team well as a captain

. My friend (Lee) Eutteum and the senior players sympathized with me and helped me. I did a lot of villainous things, nagging and pushing myself. The juniors may have hated it, but they trusted me and followed me well. Thank you very much to the players.

▲Sandro became the new vice

-captain with Lee Soon-min. -I hope Sun-min plays the villain a little more. I think I’m becoming a bad person because I’m the only one who hates it. I wish Sunmin would do more (laughs). For Sandro, last year was a period of adaptation, but this year he has completed all adjustments. They joke around as they pass by. As the quota for foreign players has increased, the role of foreign players is also important. Since I may have difficulties communicating, I hope Sandro does well in the parts that I am not good at.

▲Ahead of last season, we talked about ‘least runs’, and defense was the driving force behind the victory in Gwangju

. The defense wasn’t worried. During the winter training, the defensive organization gradually improved. As we passed the round, we got to know each other just by looking at each other. It’s not just because the defensive players are good at the least amount of runs. Our team is not a team that separates offense and defense, but a team that all 11 players work together with teamwork. That situation came about because the attacking players made it easier for me in front of me. I am also grateful to the offensive players. 카지노사이트

▲ I think I need to prepare a lot for a faster stage

– Compared to last year, I have to develop, grow, and become stronger in all areas. I told the players about that when I first started, but personally, I think I’m working hard. Besides training time, I am doing a lot of things that I lack. I think I will come back stronger.

▲I achieved a lot last year, but I wonder if there are other goals

– I will make it my personal goal to work hard in part 1 and get the best 11. As a team, I think staying is natural, and the top split was Gwangju’s best result, but I want to achieve more than that. I also want to go to the Asian Champions League.

▲ If you could describe this season in Gwangju in one word,

– Breaking the seal. Last year, Gwangju was strong, but this year, it is in the position of a challenger. Last year, we were not a team that was mentioned as a favorite to win. I was gnashing my teeth at the end. This year, the first division teams have not played yet, so they will think they are weak teams. I am determined to meet teams with such thoughts one by one and ‘break the seal’.

▲If I had to say something to the Gwangju fans who were waiting for the opening,

I think I did it more because there were so many home fans at the end of last season. There will be some bad situations in the first part, but I will use that as a stepping stone to get better grades, prepare hard, and play, so I hope you will support me a lot, show interest, and come visit me. 

Not many people paid attention to Gwangju FC in the 2022 season. When Ahn Young-kyu returned to Gwangju, many people talked about his ‘age’. However, after the season ended, Ahn Young-gyu lifted the K-League 2 Best 11 as well as the MVP trophy as a ‘championship captain’. The nucleus of the defense that allowed the fewest…

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