The ‘omniscient caddie perspective’ between ugly and friendly golfers

Golf is a game of manners. Where do you fall between truth and kindness. The standards of an ugly golfer, according to a veteran caddie.

Caddie experience: 20+ years
Caddie ability: 70% chance of getting the golfer’s age, stroke, handicap, and style right when the bag comes down.
Evaluation criteria: omniscient caddie perspective

◇ UGLY Golfer

A golfer who is not making progress at the moment.바카라

This is the type that caddies hate the most. Due to the conditions of domestic golf courses, the interval between tees is usually 7 minutes, so it is a big problem if you are in a situation where the hole is empty. You also get sick to your stomach looking for the ball in the mulligan.
Golfer’s point of view The golf culture is the worst because you can’t pay the expensive green fee and enjoy yourself. Golf course conditions are conditions! Please don’t rush!

Golfer who talks too much and talks back

Golfers and caddies have changed generations. With the influx of the MZ generation, there are more young golfers and more caddies in their 40s and 50s. There are still a lot of golfers who start talking as soon as they get to the cart. Even the young ones!

③ The golfer who is late to tee off.

There aren’t as many golfers as you might think who have a strict concept of round time. They show up late, take their time getting ready, warming up, and taking practice swings. If you’re one of these golfers, your first tee shot is unlikely to go well. The worst thing you can do is ask for a mulligan without realizing it.

The promiscuous couple golfer

With the rise of golf bands and dating apps, casual socializing has increased. Men are eager to give lessons, embarrassing conversations take a backseat to golf, and messy makeouts happen all the time.

⑤ The dreaded SNS golfer

When a golfer in his 20s or 30s brings a camera tripod, you get nervous. They are busy clicking the shutter and shooting videos, and their play is slowed down by the need to post them on SNS.

⑥ The ‘bad’ screen golfer

With the rise of screen golf, there are a lot of young golfers who only play screen golf. They don’t know the basic rules and etiquette of golf and play blindly. They don’t know the distance of their shots, and they go left and right a lot, so the most dangerous thing is a hitting accident, regardless of their skill.

⑦ Helping beginners with their hair

In the past, it was customary for low handicappers to give a beginner a head start. Nowadays, golfers in their 110s and 120s often bring three unpracticed companions to play betting golf and overuse mulligans even if the ball doesn’t go out, which is really embarrassing.

⑧ Angry golfers

There are some people whose personalities are too scary, especially among young golfers. They can be so fiery that they fight with their friends over their scores or throw their clubs around during the round. Caddies are not allowed to discipline them because it could lead to a bigger accident.

Golfers looking for lost balls

There are some golfers who bring fewer balls to the clubhouse and ask the caddie for lost balls, even taking them back after the round. There are even golfers who carry plastic bags with them to find lost balls, claiming that they are all over the golf course.

⑩ Golfer who is a pain in the ass

Some golfers don’t like their caddies and switch midway through the round, but I’ve also seen golfers throw their irons into a flower bed in anger. In one case, a golfer reported to the golf course that he had lost his clubs due to the caddie’s negligence and demanded a new set of clubs. After days of searching, the golfer found the irons in a flower bed.

⑪ Golfers bringing in food and drink

While some snacks are allowed on the course, there are some golfers who bring in food and drink that are beyond the pale. One golfer brought hot water in a thermos and poured it into a cup of instant noodles at the start house plaza.
From the golfer’s point of view, what should we do about clubhouse food that is out of the ordinary? Why don’t we eat some cup noodles before teeing off?

KIND Golfer

Unconditional speed play

Of course, a golfer who can hit the ball well is the best. A golfer who progresses quickly is the best, even if their skills are a little lacking. Older golfers who have a lot of experience often pretend to be able to make progress on their own.
From the golfer’s point of view, there are golfers who can hit the ball well from the beginning? It’s natural to get lost if you’re not good enough. When I become an experienced golfer, I’ll take care of myself.

Warm words

Even a simple “thank you” from a golfer who is worried about the difficulty, weight, or danger of the game can make a golfer’s stress go away. I once had a beginner golfer come in with an envelope. After the round, I thought it was money, but it was a handwritten note: “I’m sorry for the bad score, I’m sorry you had a bad day, and I hope you can go home and relax.” It was a touching note that brought tears to my eyes, and I still have it.

③ Caddies are your friends

Caddies hate the number ‘4’ and love the number ‘5’. They’ll hold your umbrella when it’s hot or raining, or bring you five drinks or snacks instead of four. It’s the little things that make a difference, like treating your caddie like you’re playing on the same team and not just a disposable helper.

Golf is a game of manners. Where do you fall between truth and kindness. The standards of an ugly golfer, according to a veteran caddie. Caddie experience: 20+ yearsCaddie ability: 70% chance of getting the golfer’s age, stroke, handicap, and style right when the bag comes down.Evaluation criteria: omniscient caddie perspective ◇ UGLY Golfer A…

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